BlackLight Car Wash Soap (1 Gal)


Details Black Light Car Wash Soap is the perfect shampoo for cleaning and enhancing black and dark colored vehicles. The advanced auto wash takes shine to new levels of depth and clarity. Black Light Car Wash Soap produces thick, slick, and rich foam that lasts through an entire car wash. The super high suds wash safely removes dirt, grime, and road film for a brilliant shine. Black Light Car Wash Soap is clearcoat safe and will not strip wax or sealant. Gloss technology agents enhance a deep lustrous shine on black and dark color paint finishes. Use Black Light Car Wash Soap in any foam gun or foam cannon for added soapy suds along with the traditional two bucket car wash method. When used in a foam cannon, Black Light Soap produces thick foamy suds that cling to automotive surfaces and help release dirt and grime for a gentle scratch-free wash. Black Light Car Wash Soap restores a dark, lustrous, wet, and mysterious shine to black and dark colored vehicles. Non-streaking formula rinses clean with zero residue. Black Light Car Wash Soap is pH-balanced and protects wax and sealant coatings. Ultra slick car wash soap reduces swirl marks and scratches on black paintwork. Experience the ultimate wash for black and dark colored vehicles with Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap. Maintaining black paint is a full time job. Detailers and enthusiasts lovingly care for their black paintwork, only to find it full of swirls and scratches after a few weekly washes. Poor quality car wash soaps, towels, and bad wash habits contribute to millions of scratches all over the surface, which is perceived as swirls. Start every wash out right with Black Light Car Wash Soap. Black Light uses advanced synthetic lubricants, hyper-surfactants, and gloss enhancers to emulsify dirt, separate it from the surface, and gently guide it away for a scratch-free shine. Use Black Light Soap with the two-bucket car wash method to safely pull abrasive dirt off the car, then wash it from the mitt for an abrasion-free wash tool. Add Black Light Car Wash Soap to the foam gun or foam cannon to pre-soak and separate abrasive dirt and debris from paintwork to further reduce the chances of installing any swirls or scratches. Finish the car wash with a premium microfiber towel and a quick detail spray for a perfect scratch-free shine on any show car, daily driver, or fleet vehicle.